Here's what some of our tenants have to say about us:

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John Downey,

Fairway Contracts,

current tenant

Ninja Unicorn is a flexible, friendly and welcoming office space, which is ideally located. The fact that my fellow co-workers are from a variety of industries further enhances the appeal. I would highly recommend the use of the office.

Rob Macpherson,

 Chartered Architect,

current tenant

The shared office space at Ninja Unicorn has been fantastic to not only start up our new office, but to share experiences and meet with others, work collaboratively and enjoy our time together.

Ingvild Paulsen,

freelance journalist,

current tenant

I am so happy I found Ninja Unicorn. It has the perfect location in the west end.

It does not break the bank.and, most importantly, it is social and fun.

Being freelance can be a bit lonely: but here are loads of other freelancers to get inspired by, go to the pub with (before and after corona) and to have zoom quizzes with (during corona.)

In short, my desk at Ninja Unicorn, has made my working life so much more enjoyable and creative.  

Erin McElhinney,

 Truffle Pig Fundraising,


Ninja Unicorn feels like home. It's relaxed, colourful, you can join in as much or as little as you like, and the folk are interesting as all get out. I love settling in for the day!

Aya Kawanishi, 

freelance journalist,

former tenant

Such a friendly space where people with various professions come together. I've made some of the closest friends in Glasgow through Ninja Unicorn. And I'm still in touch with them even after I moved away from Scotland. Would definitely recommend it.

Ross McCrae,

music transposer,

former tenant

I really enjoyed my time at Ninja Unicorn, arranging and transcribing music (on headphones).  Other options tend to be either quite business-focused, or a bit spit-and-sawdust.  Ninja Unicorn has the creative, community feel of the latter; but is well-lit, warm, clean and in a very handy location.  I found it was a great atmosphere, a good balance between concentration and occasional chats.  I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a base for the desk-based aspects of their self-employed career, in the arts or otherwise.